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The Public Sector Connect project was a real challenge as we were required to deliver a bespoke CMS website that also allowed other websites to be created from CMS on sub domains. The client didn't expect that we could automate the whole process to such a degree that they can now set up new microsites as quickly as they want. They control all aspects of the colours, fonts, content and much more whilst using a very simple to use CMS system that has required no training to use. We also had to build a bespoke booking system that allows users to book onto a variety of ceonferences at a variety of different rates.
Facilities include

  • Completely bespoke and simple to use CMS system
  • Simple to manage booking system completely integrated with all of the microsites
  • Ability to create new websites without any additional cost
  • Bespoke upload system to allow delegates to upload their own content securely to PSC
  • Allows immediate use of multiple sub domains
  • Facility to add news to multiple websites instantly without any need for repition
  • Option to promote several events at once with no constraints
  • Complete search engine optimisation built into the original build of the website


This web site is very much under the control of our client, and so is being updated constantly in response to their clients needs. We do not need to be involved very often as our client is self sufficient in their ability to maintain their own website and generate new websites quickly and easily and without any additional cost. Click here to visit the Public Sector Connect web site


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